Monday, February 09, 2009

Gov. Jindal, Washington County Republican's Lincoln Day Dinner

The Washington County Republicans had a very successful dinner. It looked like they had pretty much sold all the tickets. I went to the reception and ,glory be, there was actually food, drinks and tables to sit around. I get so tired of those receptions where you stand and wait for your turn with the photographer.

Gov. Jindal started out by saying he wasn’t going to give a political speech. He suggested that after 2 years of political campaigning those that wanted one should seek professional help.

He did comment on the Republican Party. The country in 2006 fired the Republican majority and with just cause he said. The country didn’t stop being conservative, the Republican Party did (Big Applause!). Gov Jindal offered that we shouldn’t concentrate on fixing the Republican Party; rather, we should concentrate more on fixing the country. I’m assuming he means that we should be applying the Republican principles to dealing with our problems. We should remember to focus outward rather than bicker and complain among ourselves.

Most of his speech dealt with an issue that is important to him as Governor of Louisiana, the focused effort of protecting children from predators. If you want a state where your child is safest, move to Louisiana and if you’re a child predator stay out of Louisiana. They aren’t kidding about keeping kids safe.

Gov. Jindal ended by describing the beauty and promise of America. He noted we have a great economic and political system with a superior military; however, America’s greatness is our culture. There is respect for the rule of law, we share a common view in the dignity of all mankind as God’s creation and we are people who care for one another.

I can see why people are looking at Gov Jindal as running for President. Gov Jindal does understand the vision and dream of America and he does articulate it well. He’s very concerned about the very basic problems that people are dealing with and based on the stories he tells he understands them. He kept returning to the fact that we needed a foundation where people need to share a common commitment to doing the right thing. I like what I’ve seen and I will definitely be keeping an eye on what he does in Louisiana.

“America is the light of the world” he said. “It’s time for the Left to recognize and admit it. The American dream is the hope of free people across the planet.”


Anonymous said...

child predation in louisiana is at ridiculous proportions. Tough laws are great; many states have them. Louisiana however is riddled by endemic social dysfunctions that encourage horrific extremes. The political elite (republican and conservative of S. Louisian, including Jindal) are collectively identified as Bourbons and they and their children get goods (laws typically protect everyone but if rise from outside the generational legacies of professional classes you are pushed into enslaved outcomes). As of right now, Jindal has emissaries to the Obama administration (Larry and Genee Michele Norbert) who are rent-seeking on behalf of the Bourbons. You may say that I am a bitter bastard child of whitewater arkansas and be right, but this bitter bug was framed out of view of washington county by human resources backstabbing

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if John McCain had won or Hillary had won, the Bourbons would have sent older republicans or their gay children or whoever (the general agreement is to get stuff for "us" and our bourbon kids at all costs -the differences between jeffersonians and federalists are decided by local administration on all domestic issues. LOYALTY TO LOCALNESS IS THEIR POINT and per capita the highest concentration of millionaires are located in the oil patch named after the Frenchman Lafayette. The film industry flourishes in S.La better than any other locale excluding Hollywood, NY, and Miami for these same reasons (GDP in Louisiana is always top 10 nationally but average incomes are perennially worst/second worst. Sorry HYPOCRISY riles my nerves