Friday, July 03, 2009 Web Site Down

I had planned to spend most of today geocaching but I was unable to get on to the server. After several hours of trying to get on I searched and found that the site had gone down because of a fire. The small fire at Fisher Plaza in Seattle disrupted services to thousands of business worldwide.
A fire at a Seattle building disrupted a server farm that provides service to multiple Web sites - including one that facilitates electronic transactions for tens of thousands of businesses and Microsoft's new search site.

Jeremy Irish has kept cachers posted and they are working hard to restore the web site.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and a whole bunch of tech guys are working to get all the web sites up and going.

So, change of plans, I spent the day looking at sofas. Mine is faded, losing it shape and the cats has shredded the ends. I wasn't very successful. They are making sofas skinner and the ones that were larger were expensive. ($$$$) Also, the colors stink! They mostly dark brown, black or red. Ewww, depressing! I think I may have my old one reupholstered. I'm seriously thinking about doing it myself. Definitely a winter project.

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