Saturday, July 04, 2009

TEA Party, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Hundreds (possible 1,000) showed up at the Washington County Fairgrounds. It was cloudy so it wasn't hot and if you brought a chair you could sit and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, just before noon, the clouds turned into a thunderstorm and many left, while those who stayed squeezed into a covered shed.

The focus of this rally was more towards getting involved. People were encouraged to sign-up for different organizations. Copies of the Constitution were handed out and there were volunteers on hand to register people to vote. Organizations represented were the Americans for Prosperity, Arkansas Independence Caucus,Secure Arkansas, American Majority and Arkansas Unite.

The key note speaker, Tom Ziglar, admitted that he's never done a political event before. I guess that's why the closest he got to being political was a story about "The wisdom of the Ages" which being summed up in one sentence is "There ain't no free lunch." Ultimately, who is going to be paying for all the stuff the government is going to hand out.

Lepaine Sharp McHenry gave the crowd the red meat. Passionately she spoke about the concerns we have about the programs and taxes Congress and the President are forcing us into. She warned the legislators that if they didn't start listening to the people and stop treating us like we were stupid they would soon be out of a job.

Rep. John Boozman was praised for his vote on Cap and Trade while Rep. Vic Snyder is going to face opposition. Sen. Blanche Lincoln was warned to pay attention the desires of hard working Arkansans.

Rebecca Wales, Smart Girl Politics, was great speaking about the government health care plan Congress and the Pres. has for us. She noted that the government already supplies the health care for our service men/women and veterans. Do we really want that type of health care?

Another TEA Party is being planned for Sept. 12th, to remember 9/11. Considering how fast Congress and the Pres. are sinking the nation I'm sure there will be plenty to protest.


Anonymous said...

Lepaine McHenry's Tea Party message can be read at

As Lepaine read this letter, we could all relate to the frustrations we, the American people are feeling right now about our representatives in Congress. Are they listening to us, the American citizens?

Edward said...

when is the next tea party for fayetteville