Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rep John Boozman, NW Arkansas This Weekend

Rep Boozman spent this weekend speaking in NW Arkansas. He was the guest speaker at the GOP 3rd district committee meeting on Saturday. He also spoke at the Benton/Washington County Ice Cream Social on Sunday. While he made a few comments on current legislation most of his time was spent answering questions from the audience. Regarding the current bills going through Congress he said that the strategy was to 1) delay the bills. The Democrats are rushing through the bills because they don't want people to know what's in them. Which is why 2) people need to be educated about the bills. The Democrats are already censoring efforts to educate the public. Hopefully, Rep Boozman said we will 3) ultimately defeat the bills.

Regarding a question about Rep. Mike Ross, Rep. Boozman said that we needed to contact him and thank him for holding up the Health Bill. I'm sure Rep Ross is going to appreciate a bunch of Republicans thanking him for opposing Pres. Obama. I like Rep Boozman's explanation of the difference between the TARP bill and the Stimulus Bill. TARP he said was focused on failing banks and the ability to get credit. Banks are required to pay back TARP money. The Stimulus bill goes to program spending not to infrastructure. The Stimulus bill doesn't create anything.
One of the audience members spoke on her and her family's experience with Great Britain's medicine. The way she describe their doctor visits reminded me of the medical clinics in Mexico. Imagine, the Democrats are trying to force the nation with the best medical care in the world to one that mirrors a third world nation. Oh yes! Rep Boozman said that he hasn't read the whole Health bill, but is having staff review it and is working with the Republican Study Committee.


Steven Estrada said...

I feel sorry for Boozman, having to explain how he got boondoggled by the TARP, and the Porkulus Package. Considering that the market could have survived the failures of a few banks, the reality is that only a handfull were getting the handout, and a couple of those are now desperate to get disentangled from this devil's snare as teh truth of Government control set in.

He is a nice man, an earnest man, he is just not a strong man, or a leader, and what we desperately need is a leader who does not need an outside moral compass, but can see right and wrong without trying to achieve consensus. TAR was troubling enough, but he should have explained his vote for a punitive tax, particualarly since that is unConstitutional.

I feel pity for Boozman, who is entirely too nice and placid to be in the pit with the likes of Pelosi and Boxer and the sharks of DC.

HIs explaination of TARP is a sweet attempt to rationalize a wrong vote, particularly one that had such disapproval of the people. It was done in panic, and anything done in panic should be held up till reason cand dictate the proper course. The consequence of TARP was the so-called Stimulus Package, and now this mad rush for Cap-N-Trade and Government Run Health Care.

NWAPatriotChick said...

I heard Boozman's TARP explanation yesterday as well. I'm still trying to figure out how Newt, Coburn & Heritage factor into representing District 3 in Arkansas. Boozman told me himself that over 90% of constituent contacts were against TARP. He didn't listen to us. He listened to them instead. He took a huge political risk in doing so and needs to be held accountable for that.

Independent Arkie said...

I heard Boozman say Saturday that he didn't feel comfortable taxing millionaires to pay for health care costs. He felt that it would be unconstitutional to single out a group to be treated differently. However, he did vote to tax AIG bonuses at 90%, which is definitely singling out a group to be treated differently.

I don't think there's much logic there.

He said that on the AIG bonus issue, he listened to his constituents. But on TARP, he did NOT listen to his constituents. He took advice from everyone BUT his constituents.

Again, no logic there.

That's because he's not a leader, he's just a follower.

With all the serious issues facing our country, we need Leaders in Congress, not more followers!

Valerie said...

"I'm still trying to figure out how Newt, Coburn & Heritage factor into representing District 3 in Arkansas" I think he was trying to cover himself on his vote. Remember he also named Hammerschmidt and Bernanke as his "advisors".

"However, he did vote to tax AIG bonuses at 90%, which is definitely singling out a group to be treated differently" What I found disturbing was his assertion that he wanted "to sent a message" to AIG. Huh? I don't consider that an appropriate way to send a message.

"That's because he's not a leader, he's just a follower." I've heard others make that comment about Boozman. It does make you wonder if we should elect some one else or let Boozman know we expect him to be a leader.

Steven Estrada said...

Valerie, I truly believe we MUST vote someone else to replace Boozman. When you look at the National Taxpayers Union, it shows a man who, at best, is average. This state needs, and I stress, NEEDS outstanding. All the other reps, like Lincoln and the rest, are solid "F", they tax as a cause. Boozman is simply too nice and gentle to be anything more than an average rep.

It is too late to expect Boozman to be anything other than what he is. He is nice, he is affable, he will never be a leader. He can barely be our advocate.

There is simply too much at stake to keep an average man in office. I may like him, personally, but I cannot support someone who has failed us. It pains me to want to replace him, but this district needs an advocate. We need a leader with a strong moral, intellectual AND Constitutional compass.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Boozman keeps making the same argument any time he is challenged about voting for TARP, namely, "it wasn't a bailout" (HUH? of course it was!) and "I voted against the stimulus" (as if that makes voting for TARP ok). That is not the kind of man we need representing us. He clearly does not understand the proper role of government or the Constitution.

Hardtack said...

Regarding TARP. I was against this from the beginning. However, the conservative movement was split on the importance/need of this package. Many people, whom we as conservative hold to, were split on this issue. Matter of fact, I wrote Chuck Colson on this topic, as he was for the TARP.

John has learned about it, but I must remind all that it is very difficult to go against the President, especially when he is of your party.

However, John needs to listen to the voters (and I think he will), and he needs to hear our voices on issues. Washington, as Dr. Dobson has pointed out, is full of evil, and we need strong, moral people there to combat the evil. Just because he is quiet does not make him less effective. But we also need to pray for him. That is something I have failed to do.

Tincanman said...

"The Democrats are already censoring efforts to educate the public"...

If any group is ‘censoring’ public education on the healthcare issue, it isn’t the Democrats.

In town hall meetings across the nation, elected officials--Democrats and Republicans--are attempting to exchange information with their constituents concerning the important subject of healthcare reform in this country. They are being impaired by Teabaggers and others stampeded into warrantless fear and irrational hatred by self-serving political and corporate interests bent on killing or delaying much-needed healthcare reform in this country. These emotionally charged mobs can’t win on intelligent, respectful two-way conversations and debate in these town hall meetings because they don’t have the facts on their side. Their only chance is to yell, shout and shut down rational debate that would lead to civil discourse on this important subject. All they have going for them is rude, dangerous mob rule—a tactic which runs counter to the civilized, democratic process. Want to guess how many Democrats are in these mobs? My guess is none.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to guess, tincanman. You just need to go to one and quit getting your info from MSM. There was no rude, angry mob in Little Rock. There were SEIU members. So if you want to speak out about it, try actually attending in person and see if you're capable of offering a non-biased view of the truth.

Tincanman said...

Anonymous: You're right about one thing, I did not attend the event and I'm pleased to hear from you that it was civil. It is all I ask. Civil discourse, fact-gathering and idea exchange. As for your silly order telling me where I should get my information from, keep it to yourself. I get information from a wide variety of sources. My comments about mobs and uncivil discourse was a comment on the general condition of such events nationwide. And I will continue to 'speak out' whether I attend or not, whether you want me to or not. Non-biased view of the truth? That doesn't seem to be on your agenda otherwise you wouldn't be attempting to shut me up.

Anonymous said...

Fact of the matter is, the large portion of debate on the health care proposal was docile, till the People were fed canned answers, and lies.

Which is why folks like Boozman, and those who do not stand for anything concrete, and sway with the political winds or fads, should be removed like a canker.

The People are speaking. They are taking time out of their days to attend meetings, and they sdo not want to hear a song and dance. They want facts, they want principles, they want the truth.

If we cannot get them, it will be time to vote them out.

steven estrada said...

Tincanman, noone is attempting to shut you up, just let you know that your source is incorrect.

Civil discourse, exchange of ideas, the facts. Usually gets hard when folks act serious, then use epithets to descibe voters protesting what is becoming a govt take over of the ehalth care system.

When they use that one little word that was oh-so vogue on MSNBC, then one can surmise with accuracy, the deciet to follow.

anon is correct that a lot of the anger is generated by the outright lies being told at these town halls by some of our elected representatives. When the People, hear those lies, then have their reps call them ignorant and mobs, that does little to calm down the folks.

There are going to be a bunch of town halls, and it would be very nice to see you there, tincanman, so you can have a direct experiance of how civil these are. Some of the national coverage has been rather sensational, so to be founded in fact, one really should actually go to one.