Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Immigration, The Document Fraud

A whole new business is set to spring up if the Immigration Bill in its current form gets passed. In the bill, the documents illegal aliens are allowed to use to prove residency include bank records, utility bills, and sworn affidavits from know relatives. These documents are easily forged and these businesses are going to be up and running to provide them to illegal aliens
"It's clear that the most capable fraud document cartel in Mexico has been gearing up for comprehensive immigration reform at the same time we have been here on Capitol Hill — only they're ahead of the game," said Michael Maxwell, senior policy analyst for homeland security for Rep. John Culberson, Texas Republican. "They're already making money and will continue to do so if this bill passes."

This bill is not even passed yet and already the illegal aliens are going to committ further crimes in order to get US citizenship. The 24 hour check that the bill allows burocrats to identify these frauds is just a big joke. This is why we need to "Kill the Bill"

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