Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mark Pryor, Racial Discrimination

Sen Mark Pryor uses a really poor requirement for appointing a federal judgeship in Arkansas.
U.S. Senator Mark Pryor is urging President Bush to nominate an African-American to fill the federal judgeship in Arkansas left vacant with the death of U.S. District Judge George Howard Junior. Howard was Arkansas' first black federal judge.

I really hate it when people exhibit the "the soft bigotry of low expectations." Pryor wants a black on the court even if there are better and more qualified whites to fill the office. It is utterly ridiculous to fill an office with a black just because the previous judge was black. Actually, I think it's a big insult to Judge George Howard Junior. That the only reason he was selected as a judge was because he was black.


rita said...

I think I know one of the nominees, Brian Miller...or used to anyway when we were in undergrad. Can't think of anyone better qualified for the judgeship if he's the guy I knew. A highly intelligent honorable man.

Bill Smith / Editor said...


Thank you for posting on this item. We missed it! We just posted and a referenced your comment and post on the Arkansas Republican Assemblies blog.

We have had you linked on our blog for almost a year. If you decided to do so, we would welcome a link on your site. We are now syndicated, read and linked even out side of Arkansas For readers, it is nice to link together some of the Arkansas blogs.

Enjoy reading about your pets. Wish I could figure a way to work my pets into in to our posts.