Thursday, June 21, 2007

Senator James Inhofe, Secure Borders Now

The Captain has invited Senator James Inhofe to quest blog about his petition drive effort to oppose the immigration bill.
Before long, the U.S. Senate will engage in yet another round of debate and backroom deal making on the comprehensive immigration reform bill. And once again, the overwhelming majority of Americans who are deeply concerned about this bill will stand up in opposition. It’s the American people that have prevented its passage so far, and only the American people can stop it a second time. My fellow Senators, under tremendous pressure from party leaders, need to be reminded now more than ever that American citizens have strong opinions on immigration reform and border security.

Hurrah for Senator Inhofe! It's so good to have a Senator actually representing the will of the people.
In preparation for the upcoming debate, I’ve started the Secure Borders Now online petition at It gives American citizens a direct voice into the Senate debate.....Now, more than ever, we need signatures from every part of the country. I’ll be sending each Senator the petition signatures from the citizens of his or her state as well as a summary of the tremendous response nationwide. We must remind them how passionately the American people feel about this issue.

Thank you so much Senator Inhofe! I've signed the Petition and I hope a ton of other readers do likewise.

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Brad said...

I have sent the on line polls and faxes and letters to my Senators asking them to oppose the bill.

Then I got off my a** and decided to do something else. I created a bunch of anti-amnesty bumpers stickers and car magnets. I couldn't sit by and watch anymore without doing something.

You can see them at:

If you like this idea spread the word to your email lists.

And keep up the good fight.