Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fayetteville, Taxes Slam

So, we have the city of Fayetteville, the Fayetteville School District and Washington County all considering increasing the property tax millage. I just wonder what these politicians are thinking? Do they really think people are going to want to pay a triple slam in property tax increases. People aren't going to be particularly happy with more taxes especially after just receiving an assessment change from the County Assessor. Mayor Coody may be complaining now about the current reduction in sales tax revenues, just wait until people start paying these taxes. The sales tax revenues could dip even lower.

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David said...

Glad to have met you last night, and hopefully you will come back.

Several years back, I was on the Quorum Court (and hopefully will be back on there again), and we were presented with having to increase the millage of the county. The only choice we had was to determine how much to increase the millage. If we did nothing, the state would have stepped in and assigned the higher of the two millages.

Needless to say, I was not at all happy with this. We ended up accepting the lesser of the two increases.

Sometimes (and I am unsure if this is one of those cases with the county) there is really no choice. The county is given two choices, and unfortunately "no tax" is not one of them.