Monday, October 08, 2007

Governor Beebe's Arkansas Global Warming Lie

John Anderson at The Citizen's Journal picked up a little untruth uttered by Governor Beebe on his weekly radio address. Beebe was spewing the global warming swill and John points out this quote
This was Arkansas’s hottest summer on record, and the evidence that our Earth is warming cannot be ignored.

John goes out to the National Weather Service and discovers
The Weather Service Reports that 2007 was the 12th hottest summer on record since 1880 and August was the hottest August since 1954 but not in terms of average temps, in contrast July was the coolest July since 2004.

Why would Governor Beebe state such an obvious error? Did he deliberately lie to scare people to agreeing to the proposals that his commission are going to come up with. They are undoubtedly going to make you give up something or cost you money (taxes). He could be just repeating information some one fed to him, in which case that person needs to be fired because he/she is totally incompetent. Of course, they could be relying on NASA for their data, but NASA has been having problems with Hansen's Y2K bug. Or else they could have been using those temperature reading devices that have been improperly located or badly constructed.
In any case, Governor Beebe is just vomiting up the global warming crap without any regard to the truth. It's amazing how blatantly they just make up with this alarmist claptrap and expect people to believe it.

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