Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's Tough for the Democrats

It’s amazing how things can change in just a few weeks. Democrats were sensing victory in the air. They were looking at taking back the House and Senate. Nancy Pelosi, anticipating her new position as House Speaker, was checking out color schemes for her new office. President Bush’s approval ratings were sucking sewage and rumours flew that Karl Rove was about to be hauled out of the White House in handcuffs.
Then one after another the bomb shells went off. Over the Democrat mantra of “Culture of Corruption”, Rep. William Jefferson’s congressional office was raided by the FBI. The Republican and Democrat temper tantrums made sure that Jefferson’s “cold cash” stayed in the news for awhile.
The Democrat’s planned House takeover was dashed by Republican Brian Bilbray’s defeat of his Democrat opponent. Supporting the “enforcement of the border” helped Bilbray defeat his opponent. This was a defeat of the Democrats amnesty and guest worker programs.

In one day, the Democrats were hit with 2 blows. While the Iraqis were finishing forming their new government, a precision air strike killed Abu Musab Al-Qarqawi. It made for a huge boost for the Bush administration and made the Democrats gnash their teeth in frustration. To make it even more frustrating, Bush makes a surprise visit to the new Iraqi government. It’s going to be hard for the Democrats to make the case that the war is going badly.

The Democrat’s mouth watering tidbit of an indictment against Karl Rove turned to sour-lemons as Fitzgerald said that he would not seek an indictment. Bush’s Brain is back in business and ready to get the Democrats with a new vengeance in 2006.

Do I feel sorry for the Democrats? Hell, no! I'm having a good laught at their expense.

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