Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NY State, Banning Christian Music?

Times Herald-Record
Skate Time 209 offers residents a new wooden roller skating rink and a fancy skateboard park. In its hunt for customers, the business has "tot" skates and "tween" (ages 6-13) skates. There are family nights and adult disco parties.

And there are "Christian skate times" on Sunday afternoons, Skate Time's ad in the April 19 Ulster County Press said. That ad is evidence of a human rights violation, according to the state Division of Human Rights.

The state of New York is going after a skating rink owner because they have regular Sunday afternoons in which they play Christian music. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? The idea and the advertisement don't discriminate against non Christians because "Christian Skate" only refers to the music that is being played at this event. Non Christians are not forced to attend this event. If they don't like it, they don't have to go to the rink.
"This is crazy," said the Rev. Lou Sheldon, director of the Traditional Values Coalition in Washington. "These people are exercising basic constitutional rights on private property to the exclusion of no one and the state government is treating them like dangerous criminals. "¦ This is political correctness run amok."

If NY state is allowed to discriminate against a roller rink having a skating session featuring Christian music, there is no telling who they will go after next. Will they ban the Christian literature section of Barnes & Noble for human rights violations. Even better, will they force Christian Book stores to close because they violate the rights of non-Christians.
Len and Terry Bernardo own and run Skate Time 209 on Route 209. ...The couple has hooked up with the American Center for Law and Justice, a Washington firm which has argued conservative causes before the U.S. Supreme Court.

It's a good thing the owners have hooked up with the American Center for Law and Justice. If the State of NY gets away with discriminating against the Bernardos you can be sure that liberal activists will start doing this in other states.

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