Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Democrat Garden, Nothing Grows But Weeds

I don't think there's a grand conspiracy over at CNN, but there are plenty of people that do have agendas. Those agendas are to make the Democrates look good and the Republicans look bad. With that said, I don't think Anderson Cooper is one of them, but he should have a little more idea of what is going on around him. He's an experienced journalist, the questions being asked should have raised alarms on his BS detector. Come on, CNN had plenty of time to vet these people and their questions. You've got extraordinary odds here, out of the 1,000's of videos submitted and 32 that actually made it onto air, there were at a minimum four involved people who were declared Democrat supporters, actual staffers or activists.

I believe that Democrates should ask Republican candidates questions, but it's another thing to lie about who you support. CNN really screwed this up and I think the Republican candidates need to have more control on the questions and debate format before they agree to debate on CNN again.

M/M has it all.

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