Thursday, November 08, 2007

Iraq, Bad News, For Democrats

They are at it again. In the face of obvious success in Iraq, the Democrats absolutely insist that America must lose the war on terrorism.
The Democratic-led House of Representatives will try again to end U.S. combat in Iraq when it debates legislation this week tying new war funds to troop withdrawals, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday.
As they have done in the past, House Democrats will try to attach conditions requiring the Pentagon to immediately begin withdrawing some of the 169,000 troops in Iraq, with the goal of completing the withdrawal by December 2008.

In the meantime, Michael Yon continues to report wonderful news from Iraq.
Thanks and Praise: I photographed men and women, both Christians and Muslims, placing a cross atop the St. John’s Church in Baghdad. They had taken the cross from storage and a man washed it before carrying it up to the dome.

A cross lifted up for hope, love and peace for the Iraqi people.

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