Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kieragan's Run

What a Blast! I had soooo much fun! Saturday I went to Springfield for a NADAC dog agility event. This was the first time that Casey has been to an agility show. I was going mostly to acquaint Casey with the whole atmosphere, lots of dogs and people. I needed to get him use to it, and to know how distracted he would be by all the smells and activities. I entered him in only one event, the tunnels. I was so pleased on how well he did. He didn't go crazy with all the other dogs and people and he quickly relaxed. When it came time for the tunnel run, I was able to led out and he kept his attention on me. He wasn't distracted. Thank God! He worked with me during the course and got hung up only on one part that was the most difficult. I knew he would have trouble at that spot. Oh boy, but is Casey fast! Amazingly Casey came in 3rd place! I was so excited, the very first time he's run and he gets 3rd!
I was fortunate in that a number of people from Fayetteville also went, including my trainer, Mari. She was a big help. She commented on other people's runs, what were the problems and what was good. I learned quite a bit. She help me walk through the tunnel run, planning my strategy. I was not able to get pictures of Casey's run, everyone was running the course. I did get Mari with her dog Kieragan.

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Pennie Treado said...

Hi Val, The kids and I were checking out your blog, cool dogs.

Miss you