Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gene Long, Candidate for District 89, Arkansas

At the Washington County Republican Committee meeting, Gene Long introduced himself as a candidate for the seat currently held by Representative House. Gene and his wife Cheryl own their own insurance business. Gene has served in the Navy 6 years, 3 years in the Reserve. Gene said it was the right time in his life to run for the office. He is able to leave his business at times now,several of his children work with him, and he wanted to serve his state. He remarked that he knew how to campaign since several of his family members in Louisiana have been elected to offices.
Gene spoke mostly on the budget. He commented on how fast the current legislature got rid of the budget surplus. He noted that the state is not going to see that big of a surplus again and wouldn't be surprised that it might start running a deficient. He said that leadership was needed to plan for the future and as a business owner he knew how to balance a budget.
Gene was very well spoken, he answered questions without hesitation and he seemed very knowledgeable about how he was going to run his campaign. A lot of people talked with him after the meeting and I believe that many are going to be willing to help him get elected.

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