Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Sex Scandal, Eliot Spitizer

What was Spitizer thinking? To all accounts he was a guy on the way up to the top. Why would he ruin everything just for sex? He’s so well-known and now-a-days there is just no such thing as privacy, how did he think that it wouldn’t be discovered?
I just feel so sorry for his wife, Silda, and their daughters. She must have been just emotionally numbed standing there by her husband. I can’t understand what was going on in his mind. He’s described as self-righteous and unforgiving and he’s pursued Wall Street wrongdoings and also prosecuted prostitution rings. Now, he’s the very person he viciously prosecuted. Listening to all the news and commentaries; this guy has no one standing up for him. I thinking he’s having a hard time finding friends right now. Was the sex worth it?

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