Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lioneld Jordan, Annoucement for Running for Fayetteville Mayor

You couldn't asked for a more beautiful day, although the location was a bit torn up. There was a fairly large and supportive crowd at Lioneld Jordan's announcement for running for Fayetteville Mayor. A good many of the other Alderman were present. I like the idea that most of them support Lioneld's bid for Mayor.

Lioneld spoke that he was going to aggressively bring economic growth to Fayetteville, keep Fayetteville green (urban forests, parks), build up Fayetteville's infrastructure (fire & police, trails, streets, public transit) and keep an open door policy while in office.

Lioneld wants to have quarterly town hall meetings so that people have an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns. He said when asked what kind of mayor he was he said "A People's Mayor". Lioneld has a web site which has full details of his positions. Who ever built his site did a really good job.

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