Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jerusalem Slaughter

Killing children. These inhuman monster killing students and enjoying it.
Hundreds of Palestinians poured into the streets of Gaza City as news of the attack at a west Jerusalem yeshiva spread, firing automatic rifles into the air in celebration.

Yet, these animals are the very ones that Senator Obama is so anxious to sit down, talk and drink tea with. What kind of sick mind would want to play nice with these monsters?



Urk said...

Hi, i just wanted to note that there are "inhuman monsters" on both sides of that conflict, as there are innocents caught in the slaughter on both sides. After the shooting in the library, local residents mobbed the street and chanted "death to the arabs!" Over and over. I realize that these were grief stricken, horrified people, but it hink that it's telling that their anger and grief was expressed at "the arabs" - just as certainly as the Palestiniens you write about categorized the victims as simply "jews."

As long as both sides reduce the other to "inhuman monsters" then such horror will continue.

Writing this, it sounds preachy and it isn't meant to be. I wandered over from the iconoclast and like alot of what i'm reading here, and don't want my first comment to seem self righteous and disagreeable. Hope it's not taken as such, it's just a reaction. But it's much easier to kill people if they've been reduced to something less than or blown up into something more terrible than human.

Valerie said...

Thanks for your comment. It was thoughtful and sensible. Feel free to comment anytime. I totally agree that there those on both sides of the conflict that would be called “inhuman monsters”. Actually throughout the world there seems to be a plethora of these inhuman monsters. It just grieves me so to see people joyously killing other people, particularly innocent children.