Monday, March 24, 2008

Barack Obama Has Lost His Halo

All hail the Messiah Barack Obama! Finally a black that many Americans, black and white, could vote for President. Obama is just simply to good an opportunity for everyone to pass up. For whites it's an opportunity to say that we have finally made it passed racism and we voted for a black man. For blacks it's an chance for one of their kind to make it to the top. But alas, the messiah has flaws. While his speeches have been about bringing people together and deploring actions that tear people apart, Obama has made his home with a hate-filled, anti-American, anti-white, black liberationism community for most of his life. Yet, we are still being asked to accept Obama. We are being ask to tolerate, excuse, and dismiss the black liberation theology that Obama has accepted for decades. Yeah, yeah, we're being told that Reverend Wright's comments were made because he was just excited and into the moment. However, the Reverend's comments come from a thought-through view that comes from decades of reading, writing, studying and speaking.
How ironic that this controversy is occurring within the Democrat Party. You know, that one that sticks its nose in the air declaring they were the ones who really understood blacks and was the Party to help blacks. For all the efforts the Democrats put into social programs and redistribute the wealth schemes , racism is is very much alive in their Party. I think it's time for the black community to toss aside the Democrat Party. They need to stop thinking and acting like victims and stop looking at every white person as racist. It's time for them to toss aside the Democrat's promises that the government will take care of them. They need to grab hold of the simple formula for success:
work hard, make sacrifices, focus on education, delay gratification, avoid bad moral mistakes and maintain optimism.
Quote from Stupid Black Men, How to Play the Race Card - And Lose by Larry Elder

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