Monday, April 21, 2008

Biofuels are Becoming Evil

It wasn’t but a short time ago that biofuels where hailed as that which will save the world. We would be able to use as much fuel as we needed and still protect the earth from green house gases. Ahhh! How things have changed. Biofuels are now being proclaimed as evil and being blasted for creating global food shortages and adding to world wide starvation.
"A conflict (is) emerging between foodstuffs and fuel ... with disastrous social conflicts and dubious environmental results," outgoing Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi told the International Energy Forum here as rising food prices worldwide raise the spectre of famine in some countries.
Venezuelan Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said that biofuels were having a negligible impact on the oil markets. "But look at the impact (they have) had on food prices. It's madness," he said, adding: "All the countries of Latin America have been hit by the surge in food prices."

I don’t think that the oil producing countries are being very sympathetic either.
Qatari Energy Minister Abdullah bin Hamad al Attiyah said the world would have to choose "what its priority is going to be -- driving or eating."

Meanwhile in the U.S., politicians are falling all over themselves to put in some sort of climate change legislation. All 3 presidential candidates have bought into the global warming fraud and are eager to put in restrictions on coal plants, oil and gas drilling and any activity that they believe would generate green house gases.
I use to admire Newt Gingrich, but now I'm spitting mad at him. He's wimped out on global warming just so he isn't tagged a meany, cold-hearted Republican. The old Newt of the conservative movement have effectively been Newtered.
American today is having a hard time with higher food and gas bills, housing downturns and worries about a recession, but just wait until the President and Congress get finished with their climate change legislation. All I can say is hold onto to your wallets and hope you can hold on to your job, home and car. Look at for your neighbor because a lot of people are going to be going to be needing a helping hand.

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Your analysis of this issue is as shallow, thoughtless, and blathering as are you.