Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WRMC, Smoke Free and Polluting

I don't like cigarette smoke. I don't like the smell nor the asthma problems I can have because of it. However, I do understand that cigarettes are addictive and it can be very difficult to almost impossible to kick the habit.
In late 2005, Washington Regional Medical Center and the surrounding medical offices became smoke and tobacco free. Smoking was not allow on the premises not even in parking lots. That is why you see smokers sitting or standing on the edge of the sidewalks on all the streets surrounding the hospital and offices.
Most people have been pretty good about picking up their trash and butts, but not all. Well, one could complain about the people who smoking. Me, I would like to know why the hospital and clinics don't put in a designated smoking area. Why not have a place that people can smoke and throw away their trash instead of throwing in on the street, curb and surrounding bushes. In trying to deal with smokers the hospital has caused a new one, pollution.

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rita said...

Because under the new smoking ban, hospitals aren't allowed to do that anymore, that's why.