Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arkansas Illegals in College

I am assuming that the administrators want these illegal immigrants as students in their colleges.
Purcell sent a letter last week warning schools not to offer illegal immigrants in-state tuition, unless they wanted to give the same benefits to an out-of-state student. The department began polling the state's two- and four-year colleges and universities after that to find out their admissions practices.

These students have studied hard to get into college, they've filled out forms, and made arrangements to afford their education. Why don't they put in the same time and effort getting into to college to becoming a legal citizen? Why doesn't the college after identifying bogus social security numbers start the students through the process of becoming U.S. citizens? As long as these students haven't committed any crimes I see no problem with them continuing school while they go through the citizenship process. Heck, give them the incentive of in-state-tuition if they apply for citizenship.

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