Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Republican Leadership Sucks

I am really, really royally pissed at the leadership in the Republican party. I was really puking when I heard McCains's envirowacko speech. What a con job! He's joined the Democrats in creating a humongous government agency that will be taxing us up the wazoo. Then came his 2013, fanciful, big vision thing, I'm hurling again. Boy, did that have a surprising lack of realism to it. Mark Steyn says he met 3 kinds of Republicans
1) A small number who are disgusted with the GOP and say this Bob Barr/Ron Paul/Whoever chap is going to get their vote.

2) A small number who are disgusted with the GOP and plan on sitting on their hands this November.

3) A much bigger number who are disgusted with the GOP but say it's a waste of time flirting with Barr or flouncing off in a huff because it's going to be Obama or McCain in the Oval Office so we have to vote for McCain faute de mieux.*

Right now I'm going for door number 2!


Hardtack said...

Door number 1 looks interesting.

I also am sick and tired of Republican Leadership. Matter of fact, I sent an email to the Republican leadership expressing that view. What is interesting is that they still don't get it. Instead of looking at their own policies, they instead blame the true Republican (conservative) for the problems. Reminds me of the Democratic Leadership.

Hardtack said...

I am back. You might be interested in checking the NRCC blog. We are not alone.