Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NW Arkansas, Salvation Army

Last night I attended the Salvation Army's Appreciation Dinner. This dinner was to celebrate all the people who volunteer for and/or financially support the Army. Much of the service was recognizing various people and organizations that had made special contributions to the Army. However, as I looked around the crowded room I realized that there were many people that volunteered for the Army that weren't getting any special awards. In NWA alone, 7,516 volunteers rang bells, served meals, sorted toys, and served in disasters. Last years Angel Tree program helped 6,960 children and seniors. That's a tremendous number of people working to help others. When you read all the things the Army is doing in NW Arkansas you realize that how very special these people are. Of course, they would say that they are only doing what they do best, helping people.
The dinner just reaffirmed my decision to make the Salvation Army one of my primary organizations to support. I love having so many people helping out and also knowing that out of every dollar given to the Army, 90¢ is used for services. I know that most of the money is used to help people rather than to administrative costs. Now, I just have to find the time to actually start helping out instead of giving money. Maybe I should ring the bell this year.

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