Monday, May 19, 2008

Why Republicans Are Going to Lose

I'm pretty sure John Brummett's prediction on the election in November is fairly accurate.
It is for a John McCain victory for president coupled with significant gains for Democrats in the House and Senate, perhaps sufficient in the latter chamber to overcome filibusters with the help of the two or three reasonable Republicans.

I, however, disagree with his reason why the Republicans will face a Congressional defeat.
the now-demonstrated inability of Republicans to tie fear of Obama around the necks of local Democratic congressional candidates.

The people in the Republican Party are sick and tired of their Congressman acting more like Democrats than Republicans. The grossly bloated farm bill is a prime example why the Republican Party is in trouble. This bill increases farm spending by 44% over last year and because of GOP backing, Bush's veto will be overturned. Then, to make matters worse, Bob Novak reports that
Seventeen pork-minded Republican senators gave the Democratic leadership necessary support to waive from the farm bill the brand new ban of earmarks on a bill that had cleared both houses. Thirty-two craven Republican House members voted for upper-bracket tax increases to finance new veterans benefits.

The GOP candidates in Mississippi and Louisiana lost because their Democrat opponents were running as better Republicans than they were.
Jonathan Adler from The Corner comments
My own Congressman, Rep. Steve LaTourette, joined the pork parade by supporting the farm bill. No surprise there, as LaTourette's been a weak sister for quite some time, but this is the last straw. I'll never vote for him again. I'm sick of big government guys like him giving the rest of the party a bad name.

Hallelujah and Amen!

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