Monday, August 21, 2006

Fayetteville, Sales Tax Bond Issue

I was at the Council of Neighborhoods where Mayor Dan Coody made a presentation about the Sept 12th bond issues. I have written about it on a previous post. Mayor Coody made a few more points which I feel are pertinent.
The Mayor said if the sewer bond issue failed then the sewer rats would increase 50% for the next 22 years. If the sewer bonds passed, the tax would pay for improvements in 2 years. Hmmmm, do I want to pay 22 years for sewer or 2 years?
The Mayor said that if the transportation bond passes, then all the road improvements could be completed by 2013. If they don't pass, it would be 20+ years before they'd be built. Who's all for driving in the current traffic conditions for the next 20+ years!
The Mayor said that 50% of Fayetteville's sales taxes are paid by visitors to Fayetteville. Hey, I'm all for letting visitors pay half of the road and sewage costs.

More at NWAnews
Note: The news article makes it appear that the Council of Neighborhoods officially supported the sales tax. The Council did not take a vote for or against the bond issues. The meeting was entirely informational.

UPDATE: NWAnews prints a correction.
A story in Friday’s Northwest Arkansas Times may have left the impression that the Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods voted to support all four ballot questions on the Sept. 12 city of Fayetteville election. The organization did not take a vote and did not issue an official stance.

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