Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mike Beebe's Education Plan; Spend and Spend

Mike Beebe's education plan is nothing more than spending more money.
proposed a $40 million expansion of voluntary prekindergarten classes
Beebe, Arkansas' attorney general, would support the expansion through revenue growth, using money from the state's estimated $487 million budget surplus

I'd like to know what the total cost of Beebe's education program will be. Looking through all the programs he's proposing, it looks as if they will cost quite a bit of money. Is he eye-balling that budget surplus and expecting to use it to pay for his programs. It looks as if Beebe is going to keep Arkansas taxes high. What happens if Beebe sets up these programs using money from the surplus and that surplus drys up? He'll have to increase taxes further to keep the programs going. We definitely need to defeat Beebe in November!

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