Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Terrorists Have Won!

The ceasefire resolution cobbled together by the U.N. is a disgraceful piece of crap. What was President Bush thinking? What happen to the President who was tough on terrorists? Why have a ceasefire that you know is doomed to failure?

When America was attacked we went after and took down 2 terrorist nations. Why can America guard it's right of self-defense so dearly, yet is willing to deny it to the state of Israel?

This resolution has severely damaged our war on terrorism. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, not a country. The resolution that was signed addresses it as if it were a country. The resolution treats Hezbollah and Israel as if they were equals.

Well, this resolution will give Iran and Syria the opportunity to regroup and reload Hezbollah. The feeble and compromised mix of U.N. peacekeepers and the Lebanese army, if they manage to organize it, will fail to stop them. Israel will once again be attacked by Hezbollah, who will be better prepared for the Israeli forces. I hope that Israel uses the ceasefire to decide whether they are really going to wipe out Hezbollah or just slap it around a bit.


andy adkins said...

When words and deeds part company, violence becomes a destructive cycle until Despair cries out over losses.
During the summer of 2000 Saw an interesting Brookings Institution article on unexpected MidEast Energy reserves that disappeared from cyberspace shortly before the excusing out of unexpected visit 9/2000 by Ariel Sharon to the West Bank. This politically pragmatic act was quintessentially a provocation. Palestinians, who at the time were celebrating an Arab holiday, were insulted by the violation of their boundaries and responded by throwing rocks at the Invaders who in turn fired bullets that killed hundreds. (Semantics are important) the Provisional Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip promised full Autonomy to those regions by September 30th 2000 (how much loss of life could have been avoided if the West Bank was, according to what is Right, recognized as Palestine in the Provisional Agreement). It was here that Nassyrallah's rhetoric derived militant legitimacy in the eyes of his patrons (Israel would not honor agreements) and Hezbollah began to fire rockets infrequently into Israel (after several years of quiet).

It is important to note that all that is is inherent in the meaning of God. To exclude or destroy any part of that meaning, diminishes what can be known of God and our ability to relate to Him.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear, Israel is not BLAMELESS or fully covered in Fault.

The playing brown noise also moved the athletic MVP (Univ of Louisiana @ lafayette Alum) raised by the village on the other side of the Social Grand Canyon to a Tinseled silver town