Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wal-Mart, Fighting Back Against Democrats

Wal-Mart is going after some Democratic politicians running for president. It has sent out to it's Iowa employees a "voter education guide" which criticizes those Democratic politicians who have joined up with "Wake Up Wal-Mart."
"We believe it's wrong for these political candidates to attack Wal-Mart and the transformation under way at our company," the letter said. "We would never suggest to you how to vote, but we have an obligation to tell you when politicians are saying something about your company that isn't true."
"We want you to know that your voice matters when these political candidates attack your company. We urge you to talk with your friends, your family and your neighbors about the good Wal-Mart does," the letter said.

I don't think it's really smart for Democrat politicians to attack the largest employer in the U.S. If the Democrats keep attacking, Wal-Mart may do more than just print voter guides.


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