Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Paron High, Closed, But.....

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Jay Moody late Tuesday cleared the way for the Bryant School District to close tiny Paron High, dissolving the temporary restraining order he issued last week.

The parents of Paron High may have lost this battle, but their struggle has blossomed into a state-wide debate. Their efforts may lead to changes which will save other rural schools. A new web site ( been created to:
To provide assistance and support to rural and isolated schools that are in danger of being closed by informing both the legislature and the general public of the value of rural education in Arkansas, and the negative impact of excessive transportation

Check out their blog too. Web and Blog tip from AR Family Coalition

Hopefully this year, the Legislature will reign in the bureaucracy and restore common sense to the school system. That is, only if Asa Hutchinson and Gunner Delay are elected. Gunner spoke today about Paron at the Washington County Republican Women's meeting.

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