Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gov. Beebe Signs Grocery Tax

You know, this really, really hurts. That a Democrat is the one cutting taxes. Sheeshh, is the world coming to the end?
Gov. Mike Beebe enacted the largest tax cut in Arkansas history and turned one of his campaign promises into a reality Thursday, signing into law a 50 percent cut in the sales tax on groceries

Oh, and this is rich.
Beebe also declined to respond to former Gov. Mike Huckabee's statement a day earlier that he helped with the tax cut by managing the state budget and by calling for tax relief in his final month in office.

Huckabee could have cut the tax while he was in office. He could have shown the leadership President Bush had and cut the taxes years ago. "Managing the budget" indeed! That just frosts me. The Arkansas GOP really needs to get it's act together. I sure hope they aren't going to rely on Huckabee in the coming years. Man, what an albatross.

Congratulations to Mike Beebe. You did what you said you would. You must forgive me, I still have a really hard time accepting the fact that a Democrat cut taxes.

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