Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kodo; Taiko, Japanese Drums

What a drive home from work Tues night. I stepped out of the office into a whole lot of smoke. Visibility was down to at least 1/2 mile. Some people were driving with their headlights on. It's hard to believe all that smoke came from Newton and Johnson counties. I hate it when they do control burns.
Fortunately the smoke cleared by the time I left for the Walton Arts Center. I saw a performance of Kodo, performers of the taiko (Japanese drum) The performers were not just playing drums, they were gymnasts, dancers, and in a couple of skits, comedians. It was a fantastic performance, nearly 2 hours of drums, large and small. As I stepped out of the Arts Center, I could still feel the drums humming through my body.


Matt said...

Greg from The fiveforty said the performance was awesome.

Thanks for the visit, you've been added to the locals blogroll.

Valerie said...

Thank you! I really appreciate that!