Thursday, November 20, 2008

Comparing the Snoopers

I guess that Ohio's inspector general doesn't take improperly accessing people's records as seriously as the St. Vincent Health System. What I find interesting is that those at St Vincent got fired because they just couldn't curb their curiosity. The little slap on the wrist by Gov Ted Strickland is really sickening. What he has done is made it plain that any citizen that makes a comment on any candidate will have their entire lives a subject of intense scrutiny. Anyone who investigates a citizen solely for the purpose of destroying them for a political purpose isn't going to be punished.
When someone speaks out, "Their government should then not try to discredit them and ruin their reputation by releasing information," [House Speaker Jon]Husted said. "You shouldn't want the government under anyone's control to do those kind of things to individual citizens."

Thanks, Ohio, for helping to kill free speech.

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