Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Epidemic of Ignorance in America

No, it's doesn't surprise me at all that most people failed a basic test about history, government, and economics. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute reported the results of its study on American Civic Literacy.
More than 2,500 randomly selected Americans took ISI’s basic 33 question test on civic literacy and more than 1,700 people failed, with the average score 49 percent, or an “F.” Elected officials scored even lower than the general public with an average score of 44 percent and only 0.8 percent (or 21) of all surveyed earned an "A."

What's really disturbing is that elected officials who make decisions about education are failing too. How can we expect our kids to learn when our leaders aren't learning either? The study sure explains why our leaders are making such lousy decisions. Congress is making major decisions on the economy and they are demonstrating how ignorant they are about history and economics. I swear we don't have learned men and women making informed decisions. What we have is the Keystone Cops, the Stooges and a circus of clowns running America.
"The most expensive commodity we have in the United States is ignorance." (Rush Limbaugh)

It's your turn. Take the test. Yes, I did get an A, but I sure don't know anything about philosophers. Hey, they are boring! I'm surprised I got the ones on economics. Well, multiple choice questions are easy to answer right because most of the time you can easily eliminate the wrong answers.

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Marvin said...

Scary. Makes one wonder about the quality of results produced via the democratic process, doesn't it?