Saturday, November 08, 2008

SouthPass Regional Park Landfill Update, The Whole Truth

The Iconoclast has posted a letter from Mike Robinson of the ADEQ to Connie Edmonston the Parks and Recreation Director. Wasn't that just the sweetest thing to do for us! But wait, I have that same letter in my fat little hands and there is something different. The Iconoclast left something out, something very, very important. Now why wouldn't The Iconoclast publish the whole thing? I mean, The Iconoclast wouldn't deliberately try to manipulate information to his own selfish ends, would he?
The need for corrective action at the old landfill has not yet been determined. Likewise, a corrective action plan has not been developed. However, efforts are continuing every day toward a decision on this project. The site closure assessment will be finalized in the near future, and the ADEQ Director will determine whether there is a need for corrective action. Should it be decided contaminants pose a hazard to public health or contaminants endanger the environment, corrective action may be deemed necessary. The Arkansas Landfill Post-Closure Trust Fund (A.C.A 8-6-1001 et. al.) is available for the prevention and/or abatement of releases to the environment. This fund specifically exists to address contamination of the environment from any certified closed landfill. The Department uses this fund on other closed landfill projects and monies from this fund will be expended on this project if and when a corrective action plan is put into place as determined necessary by the Department.

What The Iconoclast conveniently left out was that whatever is in that landfill will eventually be cleaned up. There is money already available to accomplish it. The ADEQ has noted that there is some leakage but they haven't completed their studies to know exactly what is leaking and just how extensive it is. It doesn't matter. Nothing is going to be built on or near it until it gets cleaned up. It's time for people to stop running around like Chicken Little declaring a disaster and stop getting your tidy whiteys in a bunch. I know how much you want to take down Mayor Coody but this is not the way to do it.

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