Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day!

I am so glad I voted early. I was a poll watcher in Farmington. I arrived before 7 AM to introduce myself and setup. There was already a line starting to snake around the church. Once the poll opened at 7:30 it was non-stop. The lines were long and people were saying they had waited an hour to vote. This polling place had a couple of workers call in sick and they had to adjust. They weren't able to have a third line going. Those ladies at the poll worked really hard. They made sure everyone show some ID. One poll worker even had her own son show his ID. Those ladies were absolutely great and I was glad that a number of people did thank them for the work they were doing.

Late afternoon I joined a number of people lining Wedington Ave holding up signs of their choice. I was there for Craig Honchell. I worked several hours and left just before I got dark. Holding up signs out there is a bit boring so I bought my MP3 player and plugged in to some ABBA. OK, so I had a little fun out there. Yes, I was dancing. You just have to dance to ABBA. Well, I may have looked a little funny, but I sure stood out with that Craig Honchell sign.

I spotted Dan Coody and Lioneld Jorden campaigning out by the polling place on Wedington Ave. Lioneld said he was over at the polling place on Mount Comfort for several hours and he said that it was packed. I didn't talk too long, Lioneld was eyeing a couple getting out of their car. Whew, the polls are almost closed and it would be nice if this election would be over.

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