Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Arkansas' IPhone App to Search Bankrupt America Projects

Arkansas launched an IPhone app today where one can track state projects bankrolled by the "Bankrupt America" funds. I have recently purchased an IPhone so I decided "what the hell, it's free". Surprisingly it's quite good. You have the ability to look for projects by keyword, location (county) or projects near you. You are also able to mark a particular project you are interested in and track it. If you want further information on the project the app will lead you back to Bankrupt America/Arkansas website. Mmmm, looky here! We're going to spend 12.4 Million dollars on a Arkansas Welcome Center in West Memphis. Really, why couldn't Gov Beebe use this money for that trauma center he wants so badly. He could have saved all that tax revenue that walked out of Arkansas.

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