Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fayetteville, 17th Annual Dogwood Walk

It didn't rain! However, Gulley Park was really soggy. Of course, Casey took every opportunity to splash through a puddle. The clouds didn't keep people away. Oh Boy! Lots and lots of dogs!
I had a number of conversations about Casey. People were interested Goldens and asked questions about his personality and how hard was he to take care of and groom.

There were quite a few vendors. There are a lot of dog boarding/sitting/day care/ places than I have ever seen in the past. They were handing out lots of goodies. Casey was in doggy heaven. I have a several bags of treats and toys. The cats weren't left out either.

I put a stop to Casey's snacking so he joined forces with a brother. "Psst! You distract her and I'll grab a couple of dog bones. It'll be a 50-50 split."

The Humane Society of the Ozarks did a great job! Everyone enjoyed themselves and I know that everyone went home with a tired-out dog.

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