Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Face, Republican Party of Arkansas

The Republican Party of Arkansas now has a new website. Boy! It is so much better looking than the old one they had up. The look is very clean without any clutter. Nice colors, easy to see icons and large letters, no need to squint! Nice touch having Doyle Webb on the video introducing the website. They are also using the social media technologies, Twitter, Facebook, flickr, YouTube and even a blog. I have to chuckle when they say they are using the new technologies. In reality they are a few years behind. It nice that they have finally caught up.

Launching a slick new website is nice but time will tell if it's going to be a great website. The biggest problem I had with the old site was that the information was not kept up-to-date. The GOP is going to have to keep on top of keeping the website current. That will mean having some one constantly in touch with the county committees, the legislators and candidates. The state icon with links to the county committees is really great and has a lot of potential. Their success also depends on keeping people connected at all times. It sure would be nice that 5 years from now this website would socially active and flourishing.

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