Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arkansas' Unholy Trio

Tuesday, at the Political Animals Club meeting, Lt Gov. Bill Halter remarked that he brought forward the lottery because all his life Arkansas has been at the bottom in regards to income per capita and students graduating from college. He speculated that the lottery would generate scholarships that would lead to more students graduating and voilĂ , higher salaries.
I don't accept his premise. His neglects several facts into his equation. Arkansas, along with it's low income per capita, is also one of the highest in regards to citizen's tax burden. Arkansas' top rate of 7% puts itself near the top of the country in terms of maximum tax rates. The sales tax itself is above the national average which is difficult to understand in that Arkansas is a low income state.
Why is such a low income state taxed so high? For decades Arkansas has be ruled by one party, the Democrats. The Democrats keep Arkansas taxes high which leads to less money in one's pocket. How can a student afford to go to school when the Democrats keep taking it out of a student's pocket?
Arkansas will be able to achieve a bigger income per capita when people smarten up and replace the "Tax 'em up the Wahzoo" Democrats with Republicans who understand the economic concept of lower taxes leads to job growth and higher incomes.

Democrats, High Taxes and Low Incomes.

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