Monday, May 11, 2009

Dodging the Rain

What a weekend! I tried to get as much done outdoors in between the rain. Casey and I went to the Farmer's market. I went to the first session of making a rain barrel by the Beaver Water District. I need to make several more rain barrels. It's absolutely amazing how much rain water comes off the roof. I didn't win the free barrel. Darn! We then spent most time at the market talking with friends. I didn't buy anything but a burrito for lunch.

It still wasn't raining so I decided that we were going to do some geocaching. I had downloaded the Groundspeak’s Geocaching App and I wanted to try it out. Man, this App is sweet. I really like that it gives a list of the caches where you are located. Now I don't have to keep a list of the caches I want to find. I'm also able to log my finds on site. This App won't work for the more remote caches where there is no IPhone coverage. I'll just have to work around it.

One of the caches I found was at the weir dam over the West Fork of White River off of Pump Station Road. With all the rain we've have the water was really pouring over the dam. I got in one more cache before it started to rain. The rest of the weekend was shopping, gardening (in between the showers) and cleaning house.

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Chris said...

Rain does make for a challenge. Not so much for signals, but being able to protect the cache and its contents when you find it. The only good thing is no muggles.