Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ann Coulter Speech

Just got back from seeing Ann Coulter. She was very good and very funny.
There was a fair bit of security. Bags were examined before going into the theater and no one got into Walton Arts Center without a ticket. Police were noticeable everywhere. While Ann was speaking there were three guys on stage, one near her and two in the wings. I didn't get any pictures because they were confiscating any they saw.

It was nice having all that security but there weren't that many protesters or hecklers. There was one protester outside holding a sign "Ann Coulter - role model for Barbie Dolls and Stepford Wives everywhere". Poor thing, I felt so sorry for her that I didn't bother to take her picture. Inside, the liberal opposition mostly held up "Hate Shield" signs. Their purpose was to deflect things that the holder would find offensive. I think they should have named it a "Shield of Hate" as that is what they were projecting. I suggested to one person that maybe they should be projecting love towards Ann. I was ignored.

Ann talked about a variety of topics mostly from current events. She spent a good amount of time on the Democrats not taking the defense of the country seriously. Here a few comments she made that I enjoyed:
1. Bill, Hillary and the Democrat Party are meeting to find a way to make Dean's death look like an accident.
2. We need to keep liberal talk radio, it keeps the moonbats busy while the Republics run the country.
3. We finally have a war on Fundamentalism and now the liberals don't want to fight it.
4. The Republican Party is winning elections because the liberals are insane not because the party is a well organized machine.

Ann had a question and answer time. One person remarked that Ann was the feminist idea of what a woman was to be, intelligent, well- educated, and with a very successful career. Why do they hate her? The best question I thought was about Bush's doctrine of democracy in Iraq and other Arab countries, idealistic or realistic. Ann answered that she though it was a bit of both. Realistic, that a democratic Iraq makes us safer in the U.S. Idealistic, she hopes that democracy spreads, but has some doubts.

The evening was great. Most of the people in the theater were fans of Ann. She got a very warm reception and several standing ovations. Finally, since this is Arkansas, we treated her to the Calling of the Hogs.

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