Monday, February 06, 2006

Cartoon Riots

The cartoon riots would seem not to be about the depiction of Mohammed, but about Islam wanting to impose it's religious tenets on the Western World. That anything like a cartoon,first published in September 2005, would trigger such a crazed reaction - riots, death threats, burning and looting of embassys - indicates that there is something more going on. Indeed, the news is now that the riots have been stroked by well-organized radical Muslims.

What the world is seeing is how Muslims are going to deal with issues regarding Islam. There will be no discussions, no compromise, no attempt at understanding other points of view. They are going to deal with it by intimidation, death threats, and violent mobs burning and looting.Pictures

This is going to cause problems to those who insist that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. The world is watching the violence and intolerance of Muslims in many countries and it sees the disparity of what Islamists are saying(we are peaceful)and what they are doing(violent revenge). Muslims who wish for the peaceful Islam are going to have to confront the extremists in their midst. They are going to have publicly denouce the Mosques, clerics and Arab countries which harbor these extremists. If they don't they will be caught in the backlash from the Western governments.

The Western governments are going to have to stop wimping out when dealing the extremist Muslims. Governments need to force the Muslims to adhere to the law of the land instead of pampering them. Governments have got to stop this ridiculous political correctness and multicultural sensitivity. If a government kowtows to radical Islam they will find they have lost the values that a free society holds dear; freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of travel and the freedom of religion.

What the extremists are doing is a form of terrorism. Either submit to Sharia law or be a target of violence. What is the World going to do?

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