Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Trash Talking at a Funeral

You know, after the fall-out the Democrats suffered after the Wellstone memorial you would think they would have learned their lesson. Instead, they've ratchet it up to a higher level and took political swipes at President Bush while he was sitting just behind them. What they did was wrong and in very poor taste. Apparently their mamas didn't teach them manners.

It's such a tragedy. Instead of remembering the accomplishments of Mrs. King, we were assaulted with the rantings and ravings of the Democrats. Considering they have all of the MSM as their mouthpieces, why do they have to used funerals as a political platform to spew their poison? Are they so hungry for political power that they have to trash Mrs. King's memorial? From now on, we will be remembering the Democrats antics instead of the memory of Mrs. King.

In the future, when planning a memorial service, don't invite a Democrat to speak.

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