Friday, February 24, 2006

Terminella's Attorney Wars with Fayetteville's Attorney

Some aldermen relayed their concerns about Tom Terminella's attorney Robert Ginnanven attempting to contact them regarding issues which may led to a lawsuit by Terminella. Kit Williams sent a letter to Mr Ginnanven reminding him about the rules of ethical conduct. Mr Ginnanven took issue with the letter, describing it as a veiled threat. Upon reading the letter by Mr Williams LETTER , I suppose if you were easily offended it could be interpreted as a threat. However, I see it as the aldermen bringing up legitimate concerns that Mr. Ginnanven is attempting to influence them in regards to his client. As such I think it's appropriate that Mr. Williams relays that concern to Mr. Ginnanven.
I find Mr. Ginnanven's response LETTER to Mr Williams to be a direct threat. In fact, I find that Mr. Ginnanven's letter is an attempt to bully the city council and I am not at all happy about it. Mr Ginnanven writes:
"The bigger question here is, who among you have complained to the City Attorney about my effort to communicate with you" and "I have already made a request, pursuant to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, demanding that Mr. Williams identify those of you who have so complained" and "For those of you who are willing to communicate with me, please let me know so I may expose the cowards who are engaging in a secret campaign against me"

I interpret this to mean, that I will find out who you are that ratted me out and I will make sure you don't do it again, because I'll get you. I don't know if Mr. Terminella knew what Mr. Ginnanven was doing or if he approved or order it, but I do not like a developer's lawyer threatening the city council in an attempt to influence them. I hope the council stands together and lets people know that they will not be threaten or bullied.

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