Monday, February 13, 2006

Reporters, Throwing Temper Tantrums

Note to the Press: Get A Grip!
Dick Cheney shooting a fellow hunter was an accident. Accidents happen. He did the right thing in making sure that Whittington had medical assistance and visited him in the hospital. I am sure Cheney profusely apologized. Cheney and Whittington are adult enough to sort things out between themselves. This incident is good for a few jokes, but shouldn't be that big of a deal. Who cares that you "The Press" weren't immediately informed. Maybe Whittington didn't want everyone to know that he stepped in the way and got shot. For a hunter that's pretty embarrassing. You "Press" think way too much of yourself. You're really not all that important and right now you're making an ass out of yourselves. Instead of having a few jokes at Cheney I'm seeing more about your temper tantrum. Big Cry-Babies!

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