Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fayetteville - City Plan Work In Progress

Monday night Dover, Kohl & Partners summarized the results of the workshops and then showed several draft designs.

They found that the people of Fayetteville wanted

  1. Increased green areas
  2. Diverse, mixed and complete neighborhoods
  3. A walkable and bikable city
  4. Improved connectivity between neighborhoods
  5. Anticipate transit.

They noted that 69% of people wanted a walkable/bikable city, 62% wanted mixed neighborhoods, 79% more parks, and 100% wanted growth to occur within existing developed areas. The areas where most wanted densification to occur was College Ave, 6th Street, The Mall, Rupple Rd and Southpark.

A draft of the proposed action plan for Fayetteville was handed out. It had 5 points:

  1. Make infill and revitalization a highest priority
  2. Discourage suburban sprawl
  3. Make traditional town form the norm
  4. Grow a livable transportation network
  5. Assemble an enduring green network.

We were treated to several draft designs Drafts Here where we were able to visualized what we were asking for. I thought their concept of changing College Ave and the Fulbright Express into multiway boulevards was absolutely wonderful. The audience really liked Dover & Kohl's ideas and were excited at the prospect of what Fayetteville could become.

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