Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beebe, $10 Billion Man

The Republican Party of Arkansas, took the opportunity of Monday's tax day to take a swing at Mike Beebe. They've declared him "The $10 BILLION MAN".

Clint Reed, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Arkansas, used "Tax Day" to highlight a pattern of fiscal irresponsibility by Arkansas' Attorney General Mike Beebe, the Democratic candidate for Governor.

"Mike Beebe is the $10 Billion Man," stated Reed. "During his 20 years of service in the Arkansas Senate, Mike Beebe voted for more than $10 Billion in tax increases on the people of this state."

Well, Beebe is a Democrat. Democrats have never met a tax increase that they've didn't like. A Universal truth: Democrats = Increased Taxes.

Highlighting the tax increases Beebe voted for, will be particularly useful this year. People are complaining about their taxes. With the recent gas hikes, people are too unhappy about paying so much in taxes. Fayetteville is one example of people saying "No" to more taxes. Asa's solution will have a great appeal with people.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson has proposed making it harder to raise taxes by requiring a super-majority vote before the state legislature can raise sales or general taxes. Historically, Arkansas lawmakers have turned to the sales tax to bring in more money to the state. These repeated tax increases over-burden working families and have a chilling effect on the economy, particularly small businesses.

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