Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Conservative Republican Coalition, NW Arkansas

This is an interesting bit of politics. A group called the Conservative Republican Coalition of Northwest Arkansas has formed because they believe that Democrat candidates are running as Republicans. These Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) believe that the only way they can win an election here in NW Arkansas (considered a GOP stronghold) is to become a Republican. R. Shawn McGrew and Kathy McFetridge, both former Democrats who left the party in recent years, are accused of running for office as Republicans.
McFetridge, who serves on the Springdale School Board, said she first voted Republican in 2002 and had for a while felt out of place with the Democratic Party.
The 55-year-old business owner lost her 1998 bid to Jim Bob Duggar, a Republican, as both sought to replace term-limited incumbent Louis McJunkin of Springdale, a Democrat.
McFetridge said the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks changed her mind about her political affiliation and, ultimately, led to her bolting the party. McFetridge said her anti-abortion stance also put her at odds with the party. "That made me feel out of place with my party," McFetridge said. "I think it's important to realize that times change and people change.".

I spoke to Kathy today. I asked her how she felt about the Coalition. She said that they have not made an effort to talk to her. She also said that she didn't know why they couldn't understand that people do change. I asked her to explain her Republican values. She said that she was pro-life and a Christian. I remarked that there were Democrats that were pro-life and Christian. I wanted to know what values she had that were Republican. She finally said she support the 2nd Amendment and wanted to eliminate taxes on groceries.

Ok, in contrast to other candidates, Kathy has done a poor job of explaining her beliefs and values. Try to get her to describe what she believes was like pulling teeth, very difficult. Even after talking with her, I'm not quite she what she stands for. If Kathy truly believes she's a Republican, she needs to be able to effectively and passionately state what she believes.

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