Thursday, April 20, 2006

Paron High School, Arkansas

Lost in the politics of closing of Paron High School in rural Saline County is the children who are going to suffer. No child should be forced to ride on a bus 4 hours a day. I know first hand about this. I too, grew up in a rural area. I too, was bussed to the nearest high school. For 4 years I spent 3 hours a day on a lousy, crowded bus. Sheer bloody hell! What the hell can kids do when they're in a bus that long. We're bored so we are going to cause trouble. Instead of spending the time on school work, sports or community involvement we are stuck on a stupid bus! This letter is so right on!

Cropped this from Arkansas Family Coalition. Thanks a bunch, dude! I entirely agree with Asa.

Hutchinson said the state should find ways to help rural schools, an apparent reference to a proposal to ease curriculum standards to save a Paron school from closing. The proposal, introduced during a special legislative session this month by Hutchinson's nephew, state Rep. Jeremy Hutchinson, passed the House but died in the Senate education committee.

"Whenever a rural school is performing and providing a quality education for the students and whenever they're financially sound, I believe the state of Arkansas should be a friend to that school and not an enemy," Hutchinson said.


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rita said...

I couldn't agree more. I too remember those long bus rides on dirt roads every blessed day. But I got a great education from my little school.

School consolidation has much more to do with saving money by consolidation adminstration than with providing a better education. It's not always the best thing for the students.